I’m Finished…. I think! :-)

My relationship with Facebook has always been one of love-hate. I’ve deactivated, reactivated, deactivated, reactivated, deactivated, reactivated… and now I’m deactivated hopefully for good!

My first deactivation was because…. don’t laugh… I couldn’t stand the pressure of having to come up with a witty status! Ok, you can laugh. It is sorta silly! I got past that one and reactivated with little notice after a couple weeks. Those 2 weeks helped me put perspective on this whole status thing.

But in the 3 years since signing on, I have given over much of my precious time. It is like social fly paper! We are all stuck to it, randomly declaring proclamations of our thoughts and feelings, never venturing too far away.

Wiping the sticky glue off my psyche, I feel a little giddy, even free.

So, if you’d like my opinions on morning coffee, where I went for lunch or know the results of my next nasal exam… just send an email, cuz it probably won’t get posted here!

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3 Responses to I’m Finished…. I think! :-)

  1. Diana says:

    Kinda amazing how addicting things like that are and how free you feel when you can step away from them… that isn’t to say there aren’t times when I’d like to peek in and see what’s going on in other people’s lives, but mostly I’m content to stay in touch some other way when it’s important enough to stay in touch. Good luck.

    • Kevin & Sherlene says:

      At first I really enjoyed it. It seemed a little like our old Round Robin letter. But important or interesting life events get watered down and disjointed when you don’t read everyday. If you do read everyday, you can end up spending too much time.

  2. our tiny dot says:

    Catching up in blogland… I have the same love hate with Fb. And you’re right that it’s not so easy to bow out as you’d think. Just deactivate, right??? ha.

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